Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordle Uses in Education

Wordle: Dewey Decimal System 400s 

Wordle can be a great tool  for use in the classroom. It can be used for making signs such as the one above which would be posted on a bookshelf for the Dewey Range 400. Wordle can also be used to design motivational posters or posters with numerous ways of saying one word/phrase such as with synonyms or with other languages. Students can also use this tool to show them which words they have used most in their papers and perhaps help them in the revision process. Students can also use this tool to create cover pages for their projects or book covers for favorite books.


While attitude and behavior count in life, the job of a school is to get students to meet educational standards. Students should be held accountable for their behavior through classroom management, or another set of grades if necessary. Class grades should be based on whether the student met the goals that they needed to meet or not. This will ultimately make the job of the teacher easier, and provide students with a better education.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Check Out My Updated Webpage!

I have been working really hard on creating and completing my media center website. It is now complete. It has lesson ideas and helpful links for teachers, research tips and reliable sources for students, helpful tips for parents, and a community volunteering page. There is no current link to a live library catalog, but that will come eventually. I also have a page about myself with links to my recent projects. Please take the time to look at the site. Any comments are welcome. The website is

Thoughts on Technology in Education

Technology can be useful, but we need to take care in how we use it. Students are going to be exposed to technology whether it is included in school curriculum or not. For this reason I believe it is important to teach students information literacy skills. I think it is important, however, to really think about the other uses of technology in the schools. We need to make sure that technology is really helping our students, and not just there to entertain them.