Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Baskets

I have recently come across a new strategy for use in the elementary media center. Primary students come into our media center and go through a lesson with the media specialist. At the end of the lesson students are directed to go to their tables for book checkout. At the tables are book baskets with age appropriate books for students to look through. Kindergartners are not allowed to look through the shelves on their own. They must choose a book from the book basket to check out if they are able to check out a book. First and second graders are allowed to choose books from the shelves, but if they have a book out and are unable to checkout a book they must choose a book from the book baskets to read during checkout time. I am not sure how I feel about this method. I like the way that it works for the first and second grade students because it ensures that all the students have reading material during checkout time, but I am afraid that the way this works with the kindergartners may be limiting their choices and keeping them from learning about the set up of the library. The nice thing, however, is that the students are not running wildly throughout the library searching for a book. They are also sure to pick books appropriate for their age and may come across books they hadn't seen otherwise. What are your thoughts on the matter?