Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Newsletter Ideas

Constant Contact seems like a very reasonably priced program. I could see it being very reasonable in a school. I think it would be great as a media specialist to have a newsletter that is sent to the staff about new things coming to the media center that will be helpful to them, and ideas for using the media center. I think it would also be nice to be able to send newsletters to interested parents. As a classroom teacher, newsletters to the parents would be very easy if they were done in this way. The only problem I see is reaching those who do not have internet. In this case the newsletter will need to be printed and either sent home with the student, or mailed.
 I will be creating a newsletter using Constant Contact. I will create it for the staff of my building. For one article I will be talking about the new Lexile Levels spreadsheet I am creating to help them find books for their students' reading levels. I will also reinforce the importance of media center rules that students must keep. Finally, I will include an idea for collaborating with the media specialist on a research project. I may include a few other reminders as well.